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Event Accessibility

We're working with the Ouray Ice Park, staff from Paradox Sports, and adaptive ice climbers to increase event access to people with disabilities. Below are some of the accessibility barriers we've discussed and addressed in order to host an event that is more welcoming to people with disabilities.

  • Recruited guiding and instructor staff that are adaptive climbers or have experience working with adaptive climbers at the Ouray Ice Park.

  • Event centered around the Scottish Gullies area. The Ouray Ice Park has hosted adaptive clinics in this area for many years as this is the most accessible part of the park. 

  • ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters will be available upon request for clinics as well as event programming. We've connected with interpreters in the area that have experience with adaptive clinics in the park. Any films that are shown will be captioned. Please email to request an interpreter for your clinic.

  • Presentations and socials will be at the Wright Opera House, a wheelchair accessible venue. We will also arrange the venue seating to increase mobility access for wheelchair and mobility device users.

  • Our hotel partner, Twin Peaks Lodge, has reserved ground floor wheelchair accessible rooms for the event. Please include this request in your hotel reservation and contact Twin Peaks for more accommodation access information. 

  • We are working to partner with a prosthetics company to offer on-site gear support for clinics.

  • Staff training on inclusive guiding practices that include topics around disability and ableism.

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how we can expand event accessibility, please contact

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